For all your paper crafting supplies.

I began making cards at my sisters suggestion. She was in her own right a wonderful artist, although not a card maker. Knowing my love of coloring and of pretty papers, she suggested I look at some handmade cards and see if I would like to try my hand at making some. I took one look and fell in love with the craft. I opened my Etsy shop as a means of allowing my love of card making to touch the lives of others. It amazes me that I can have a card I make end up on the opposite side of the world to brighten someones day. What a wonderful opportunity this has been. I will continue to make my cards and share them with those that are interested for as long as I am able. I continue to find other crafts I am enjoying making as well.
Since it's inception, Cynthia's Crafting Nook has grown in the crafting industry. Now available in the shop are handmade cards, gift tags, die cuts, stamps, paper, craft tools, embellishments, and ribbon and more. I sell the same items I use to craft with. My favorite part of the process is still the actual hands on of crafting. Now I sell the same things I use on my crafted items, to allow others the same opportunities that were afforded me when I first started out.

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